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So a friend of mine & I were talking last night over dinner prep about helping out another friend who found herself unexpectedly pregnant (a month after they got married) and is without a job or any expendable cash. And she desperately needs maternity clothes.

What to do?

Well, I can sew. I don’t sew for enjoyment or creativity, I sew out of necessity. I’m pretty good at it, but I’m not a professional seamstress, by any stretch. So I set a date to take this friend out to Joann and pick out some fabric, hoping against hope that their patterns are also on sale this weekend. No such luck. And of course, I ditched my maternity top patterns long ago – I’m notorious for uttering the words, “When in doubt, throw it out!” I’m quite sure I looked at those patterns years ago and ditched ’em – when was I going to be pregnant again? Oh, that’s right. The second of NEVER. 😐

But buying fabric and sewing for a friend gets less mileage if I have to shell out buckage for patterns – when they’re not $.99 apiece, they are about $10 per. Bleah.

What to do?

I put out the word on Twitter and Facebook that I was looking for sites to modify regular sewing patterns in to maternity patterns and had a few suggestions (“make it bigger!” and “wear sweatpants” were among the suggestions) – I don’t want my friend to feel frumpy or like Omar the Tentmaker sewed her maternity tops, so… no. One friend came through in spades, though, with a pdf document on converting regular patterns to maternity, and I came across a website that also gives similar information. I am SO happy – I have 3 patterns that I bought for me but have never been opened or cut out, so I can adjust them for my friend (who’s smaller than I am, but no worries) and now I can focus on finding some cute fabrics and getting measurements.

The website with the information is Jan Andrea, and her instructions are simple and easy to understand.  I also gave away all of my knit fabric that I used for maternity tops all those years ago, but I got all of that on the remnant/sale tables at Joann, so I’m hopeful that we’ll find some cute stuff again.  No big deal.  :)

So in addition to knitting my mom’s sweater and several other projects simultaneously, I’m going to whip together some maternity tops and make sure our friend has some things to wear.  I can’t do much, but it’s more than she has, and at least I can do a little for her.  😉


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