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So I’ve had a mini-hiatus from writing here … I didn’t really intend to take a month off, but I did anyhow.  Sometimes life is like that.  It started out with wedding work for which I had to travel out-of-state and then it became recovery from the wedding work and travel (working vacations are far more work than vacation, really)…

And the next thing I knew, it was a month since I’d last posted.  😐

Really not what I’d intended.  But the time and realization did spur me to think more deeply about what I write here.  With this latest incarnation of my family blog, was I being genuine and authentic to me?  To my writing style?  Or had I bought in to a formula to rank my blog on Google?  See, here’s the thing – I love writing.  And I’m pretty good at it.  And there is some ego-massage that goes on when you’re getting hits from all over and people are reading your blog and coming back because you’ve linked to someone else’s post, ad infinitum.

But that’s not really what I’m about.  I love trying new recipes (Tasty Tuesdays).  I’m totally committed to encouraging other women to pursue their husbands and making their sex lives fulfilling and fun (The Challenge) and I really like sharing other “finds” with people and reading about what they can’t do without (Things I Love Thursdays).  But all of that is formulaic.  And I’m not a formula.  I’m far more (to use a catch-word right now) organic than that.  I want to write about what my garden is or isn’t doing.  What my friend overseas means to me.  How much fun we had doing “x” or showing off pictures of our son on his new bike.  And while that fomula kept me active, it also became a burden and stripped some of the joy out of writing.

Which I think is why a month of hecticness passed and I forgot to write.  Of course, the computer issues (now resolved!) didn’t help, either – it became a total burden to do *anything* on the laptop, which is where my files were stored.  Regardless, the formula of writing my blog just wasn’t working for me.

And so I’ve gotta be me.  I’ll still share recipes and I’ll still encourage women to get and keep the hots for their husbands.  And I’m still going to do an occasional “Things I Love Thursdays,” just because it’s fun to do.  But I’m not going to let it burden me any longer.  I’m going to write more about our homeschool adventures, my new garden (I’ve gotta prepare in case gas goes back up to $4 a gallon this summer – yikes!), my decisions about which school to attend (yep, I’m going back!) and how God’s gonna provide for that, and other miscellaneous things in my life.

So stay tuned… and thanks for reading this far.  Because it’s a journey and I want to be real and authentic – with myself and with those who read here.  😉


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  • Elizabeth

    I hope that I’m the overseas friend!!! I don’t care what it is… just WRITE!!!!!