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I cook with very few guidelines – the few non-negotiables I have are:  *nutrition, *good taste, and *good taste.  There’s no point in making something nutritious or healthy if it tastes terrible. 

A while back, I became convinced that kosher salt was the way to go – Alton Brown (my favourite celebrity chef) talked about the superior flavour and versatility of having a pinch pot (aka “salt cellar”) about the kitchen.  And so, as a dutiful AB-fangirl, I requested a NaCL receptacle for Christmas several years ago.  Quickly, I realize:  I am hooked.

But is there more to my salt cellar than white Morton’s kosher salt?  After some research and taste-testing, I can say (resoundingly), “YES!”  :)

Redmond Real Salt is a sea salt that is … pink?  Yep – it’s pink.  It maintains all of the minerals and nutrients that unbleached salt has, and where it is mined (north of the Great Salt Lake area of Utah), those minerals turn it pink.  I love the kosher grind – it works beautifully with my salt cellar.  Easy to pinch, spoon, or sprinkle – this stuff is SO good!  We have had friends who have suspiciously eyed the salt cellar and its contents at a meal, but after a gentle sprinkle and taste, they are converts.  :)

You don’t need much, as the flavour it imparts is significantly better than regular white salt.  One pound lasts us close to 3 months, and that includes all baking uses, seasoning-uses, and brining of meat.  There is no burning sensation on you tongue, and a sprinkle of this on freshly steamed broccoli will convince you that you don’t need Ranch Dressing or anything else to hide the taste of broccoli again.

Nicknamed in our house “Mormon Salt,” we won’t do without it.  Amazon doesn’t have it in bulk yet (but when they do, I’ll link to it), and the best price I’ve found is at Whole Foods – $6.59 per pound.  It’s expensive in comparison to Morton’s Iodized salt, but we use so much less to get more flavour in our food.  And beautifully, it contains natural iodide, and if you have high blood pressure, this salt will actually *lower* your blood pressure – naturally and without medication.

Edited:  You can now order Redmond Real Salt from Redmond; we now have a 25# bag of kosher salt in our food storage.  Delightfully, it also came with two small shaker-jars of the Redmond Real Salt in a fine-grind, which is what we use to season homemade popcorn.  If you want prices, check out RealSalt.com .  Shipping is free on the bulk purchases, too!  :)

If you want more great items that others can’t do without, check out The Diaper Diaries.  If you want to link to your own “can’t do without,” use Mr. Linky below and send us to your Things I Love Thursday post.  :)


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  • http://www.strivingtobemore.blogspot.com Kristin

    I use kosher sea salt and love it…I’ll definitely pick some of this up next time I’m at Whole Foods. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • http://www.mrssurvival.com Darlene

    You can get a 25lb bag of kosher Real Salt for $4.66/lb, with free shipping, from Redmond’s Real Salt company.


  • http://www.mamasheartblog.com sue

    Darlene –

    THANK YOU for the link! The last time I checked Redmond’s site, they only had that fine grind in 25# bags, not the kosher grind. I’m saving up and going to buy in bulk soon! :)

  • http://www.marymoorss.com Redmond Storage

    This is the first time I encountered such a lengthy discussion on salt, well not so lengthy. The only salt I know are the plain table salt, there is rock salt and there is also iodized salt.