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I don’t mean that you need to pull out a game of strip-Twister with this title, either.  😉

I think many of us married-folk tend to move in to a comfortable rut with each other – a “It’s Friday, it’s time to have sex,”-thing.  Or maybe it’s a lack of intimate activity that defines your rut.  Either way, moving out of our comfort zones (whatever that zone might be) is good for us, for our relationships, and for adding excitement.

What does that look like for you & your husband?  A new position?  Leaving a light (or two) on?  Buying a [gasp!] toy?  Initiating?

The point is that no one has to set it for you.  If you have a rut in your intimate life, make a decision to crawl out.  If you have ideas about “what good Christian people do” (or don’t do), I challenge you to investigate Scripture.  When you do, you’ll find only four things that are Scripturally prohibited:  bestiality, adultery, homosexuality, and incest.  And “adultery” includes bringing another person in to your intimate life – either by porn or IRL.  Other than that, though, God gives us a green-light to enjoy each other liberally.  There are really good resources over at The Marriage Bed boards – it’s a place for married Christians to ask, read, and learn about sex within Scriptural guidelines.

Regardless, I encourage you to climb out of your rut this week.  It’s worth the courage it takes you to do it and you might find something that gets incorporated in to your regular routine because it’s enjoyable and fun. 


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