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Okay – mascara.  Most of us use it, most of us know what “raccoon eyes” means, and most of us hate it when it happens.  Add to the annoyance of looking like a raccoon the flaking of the stuff in to your eyes (especially if you wear contacts like I do), and the occasional tear-fest that makes it run down your cheeks. If I had longer, darker lashes, I wouldn’t wear the stuff at all.  But my lashes are reddish-brown, tipped in blonde, and short.  They virtually disappear without mascara.

Enter L’Oreal – I’ve been a fan of their products for a while now.  They recently created a new product called Double Extend Beauty Tubes – a new type of mascara.  My love-affair with CVS allowed me to try the stuff for less than $2 out-of-pocket cost, and I was happy to do so.

I LOVE THIS STUFF!!  It goes on smoothly, in two coats.  The white layer dries quickly and extends my puny lashes; the dark layer goes on easily, doesn’t tear off, and never, ever smears.  It doesn’t flake in to my eyes, and comes off in little tubes!! not in smears of blackish-brown stuff!!  Literally, like little casings that were on my lashes, they come off easily with warm water.  It’s amazing!

Did I mention?  I LOVE THIS STUFF!!  😉

Who would’ve thought that I could write about mascara and really mean it – but I can.  This stuff is worth the price of it – and CVS generally makes it more than affordable for me.  :)

I’m not going back to any other type of mascara – I like not having raccoon eyes!  :)


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  • http://www.thediaperdiaries.net The Diaper Diaries

    I love finding new mascaras that do what they are supposed to do :) Thanks for the tip.