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So this is entirely new.  And I truly debated about doing it.  But I’m all about talking honestly about life, including marriage and motherhood.  If you’re not comfortable with the topic (I won’t get in to TMI, I promise!), are single, or aren’t a Christ-follower, feel free to skip this installation – it will be once-a-week for 20 weeks.  But if you’re married and a Christ-follower, then read on, MacDuff!

1 Corinthians 7|5 is a verse that talks about our marital obligation – sexually – to our spouse.  It’s a pretty clear cut verse that says (from The Amplified Version): Do not refuse and deprive and defraud each other [of your due marital rights], except perhaps by mutual consent for a time, so that you may devote yourselves unhindered to prayer. But afterwards resume marital relations, lest Satan tempt you [to sin] through your lack of restraint of sexual desire.

When I read on The Diaper Diaries the Challenge referenced here (I came in at Week 4), I thought it was a great thing – encouraging women to be more sexually responsive to their husbands and strengthening their marriages in this way.  I’m not a sex-blogger and I’m not going to be.  But strengthening your marriage and having an honest sexual relationship with your spouse?  That is a goal to be applauded and that is something I can support.

So this week’s challenge (you can find the previous 4 weeks’ challenges here) is to commit to doubling the amount of fun you & your husband have together.  For the rest of February, see if you can double the frequency of your lovemaking sessions.  If you’re a 3-times-per-week (or more) kind of couple, you get a pass.  But if you’re in the lower numbers and this Challenge resonates with you, then see if you can double your sessions together – either monthly, weekly, or whatever.  Double something.  😉

If you’re afraid of this step, take heart and go back to The Diaper Diaries and pick another week’s challenge.  But consider your marriage and the relationship you entered in to – however long ago that was.  We were all like little bunnies in the beginning and then life got in the way.  The point of The Challenge isn’t to condemn you or give you another “thing to do” on your list, but to encourage you to consider the importance of your sexual relationship with your husband.

Once a week for 20 weeks, I’ll join in with The Diaper Diaries and encourage you to consider a new aspect to your marriage & towards strengthening your relationship.  I’ll be doing The Challenge right along with you – I believe in the importance of it that much.


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