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I will fully tell you that this week’s challenge is going to be nearly-impossible for me to complete.  I have yet to complete my husband’s “education” on making out – it was something we never did while engaged and, based on his lack of experience in this arena, he isn’t terribly comfortable with.  So to say that I can complete this challenge successfully is probably stretching reality quite a bit.  I will bring it up – and I will try.  But don’t let that stop you!  :)


How many of you remember when you were dating your husband and got those electrical sparks just from touching?  The fireworks from kissing?  And how many of you, once you married your sweetheart, stopped making out?

Because what’s the point of simply making out when there are so many … other … fun things to do, right?

Sometimes, it’s fun to re-create the special spark that kissing and the build-up that it creates – and isn’t that the point?  To kindle the romantic spark and flame in your marriage with The Challenge?  So the next time the kids are occupied with something else, plant a passionate kiss on your husband and let him be surprised.  Don’t tease with your kisses – let them be a foretaste of what is waiting for him.  But let those kisses remind you of the sparks and flames that you used to feel; that electricity that sparked from a mere touch.  And if the kids DO see you, well… wouldn’t it be better that they understand that marriage isn’t the death-knoll of a passionate time together?  Isn’t that a good example to set for them?

I think it is.  😉

Have fun with this one!


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