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G-mail users will recognize that phrase as something that Google pops up when there’s been an interruption in connection with no apparent explanation.  Difference here is that I have an explanation.  Sort of.


So this has been quite a long hiatus – and completely unplanned by me.  You might remember a weird splash page in place of my blog late last winter – my blog host was HACKED!

Why was I targeted?  Um… I have no idea.  Seriously.  But the hacker was out in Saudi Arabia and apparently had more time and deviancy than respect for others, and that was that.

So why didn’t I just rebuild the site with the host company?  Um… yeah.  My host apparently closed up shop.  I called, emailed, and faxed numerous times – and received no return communication.  I gave up & went to another host, but honestly, life sort of got in the way of rebuilding the site.  😐

Regardless, I’m back.  I’m probably not going to update the past 9 months or so of missing posts – but I am going to pick up where I left off – commenting on life and probably peppering with some recipes and money-saving tips.  After all, the economy stinks, right?  And we’re all looking for ways to save a buck (or twelve), so I’ll share my years of accumulated wisdom on frugality and living a rich life on a shoestring.

See ya soon!


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