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I’m faced with Brendan’s impending birthday–when he turns 6. This seems incomprehensible and although it’s an entirely happy occasion, I’m already maudlin about it.

Where did my baby go? He’s sprouted up very tall and yet I want to keep him small. Not so that he’s dependent on me, but because those younger years were so full of joy, discovery, and innocence. He’s still full of those things, but as he grows older, I recognize that these things will fall away a bit. It makes me sad to consider, despite the fact that this is what we want for him: to grow in wisdom, love, maturity, and in favour with God and people.

There are times when I wish I could just freeze-frame him as he is…sweet, helpful, and full of vigor.

Of course, the days when he’s feeling ornery, I don’t want to freeze-frame anything at all. But by and large, I’m blessed to have a kid who is pretty compliant and has a pretty darned good temperament.

I guess I really do want to have more kids and enjoy the youthfulness that they bring (they also bring grey hair, but we won’t dwell on that. We’ll just rely on hair colour.) . Brendan is a great help with my friends’ kids whom I watch a few afternoons per week, and I know he wants siblings as much as we want more kids. Hopefully these desires will intersect with babies who need families someday soon.

In the meantime, I’ve got to go help that “big boy” comb his hair and get ready for dinner. Oh, and I’ve promised him a game (or 12) of Uno Attack! before Mark gets home tonight.

Now that’s the fun part of having an almost-6-year-old. .

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  • http://odellsat.blogspot.com/ Jolene

    They do grow up so quickly. Especially when its a miracle that they even were conceived! God sees His daughter and He will remember you! Blessings, Jolene