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I have never painted a wall brown, although Brendan thinks that “Trusty Tan” by Sherwin Williams *is* brown. It’s not~it’s a lovely shade of cafe au lait. And to a woman, there’s a difference. Trust me. 😉

I’m in the process of painting our bedroom “Toasty” in Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. It’s not chocolate, and it’s not coffee…it’s a toast-colour. Rich and beautiful, and yet warm and muted at the same time. I got one wall and a tad of another done yesterday, and although it’s taking longer than I expected to be fully dry (we’re having weird, warm, and very humid weather here right now), it’s really quite nice. It defines the room and the ceiling, and makes it feel sophisticated.

Of course when I came up with that adjective, Mark snorted, because we’re really not all that sophisticated over here. But it does feel like an adult’s room, and believe it or not, it simply makes the very funky duvet cover truly >pop<.

And Brendan wants to get in on the act, so I’ve given him a mini roller cover (the kind I use in tight spots) and let him roll away as a first coat. I will roll the second coat and even everything out, but for now, it’s a fun Mama-Boy time for us and empowering for him to know that he “helped” paint our room.

The fun thing is envisioning this when it’s all done. I still have to paint behind the bed/headboard combo and the wall where the dressers are, and then a 3-canvas motif of white orchids will grace the wall behind the bed. I think it will be stunning. Of course, it’s all from Ikea, which is where I seem to get the most bang for my buck in terms of furniture and decorating, but also where I find raw ideas (by the pallet-full) and get to think outside the box regarding decoration and furnishings. I think with all the furniture and things we’ve bought we’ve spent less than $3000 (total), which sounds like a lot, but when I realize that we showed up in Dexter with a kitchen table (no chairs), 3 mattresses, and one sofa, we’ve furnished an entire house very inexpensively and with quality stuff.

And just because it’s fun, here’s a list of the different pieces we’ve procured. :)

  • kitchen chairs (4)
  • desk
  • book cabinet
  • occasional table
  • sitting chairs (2)
  • footstools (2)
  • sofa-loveseat
  • bunk bed
  • queen bed frame
  • queen headboard
  • dressers (2)
  • entertainment unit
  • bookshelf
  • kid-plates, cups, bowls, and cutlery
  • laundry cart w/drawers
  • storage baskets
  • shelves (2 sets~one free-standing, the other mounted on the wall)
  • storage tubs for toys
  • canvas art
  • duvet cover & pillowcase set
  • and more, but I’m not recalling it all at the moment

So we’ve definitely spent time and money at the store, but it’s a good expenditure of both, I think. And it was particularly fun to meet up with a friend from elementary and high school there yesterday. I didn’t recognize her immediately, but when she stopped to talk to me & my friend about our kids, things started clicking. She thought she recognized me (but couldn’t place me), and I put the pieces together. Which of course, led to what a small world it is (we didn’t grow up in Canton where Ikea is located), catching up on our families, and how in the world we met up at such an enormous store on a day that I didn’t intend to be there. Very fun and odd simultaneously.

Anyhow, back to the brown toasty paint and cutting in a second coat before I make dinner..

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