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Mark had this hairbrained idea a few weeks ago to drive down to Kentucky to visit our friends and help them out with their open house plans. Great idea, right?

So in all of our leaving and prep, I took an extra garage door opener to Nettie with instructions for the cats. And like the good friend that she is, she dutifully trouped over there today to feed them and clean their litter box.

My phone rang a few moments later~the garage door opener wouldn’t work. Urg. So she replaced the battery and tried again.

Nada. Hmmm.

We ended up trying to figure out which window was unlocked and how (if) they might be able to get in the house. Or should we call a locksmith? Or would the cats be okay if they couldn’t get in? Or…?

So Nettie and her family ought to be a bunch of cat burglers. Pun intended. 😆

They got in, or rather, Joe got in, and hiked up to unlock the door. Ironically, the food bowl was nearly full, and their water was fine. :roll:

And to top that off, we’re having the first official snowstorm of the season back home, and WE’RE MISSING IT!! Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a huge event, but it really is a big deal, and Brendan is quite jealous of all The White Stuff that is accumulating back home. He extracted a promise from Mark and me that we would be out there with him, helping him build a snowman (or more likely, a snow family). So I’m pretty sure that the unfulfillable aspect of that promise is probably bugging him a bit. But that’s okay, it’s bugging me too. I have a brand new pair of fantastic (snowboarding) gloves/mittens that need breaking in. And they’re pink.

How cool is that?.

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  • Danielle

    It was so cool to see you at Meijer today!!!! Too bad you didn’t have a camera when it hit me that it was YOU in Kentucky. :-) Thank you for the visit. It was wonderful to see you again. We sure do miss you in Kentucky.