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As a bonified Tolkien-nut (albeit a late-bloomer), I was so happy to read the headline in Business Week: “Ring up The Hobbit, Times Two.”

The best part for me is that Peter Jackson (director of the LotR trilogy of films) has settled his suit with New Line over disputed profit-portions, and has signed on to direct these two movies. I am so absolutely nutty for Jackson’s rendition of the stories (even though they disturb the Tolkien-purists) that to think anyone else could do justice to Hobbiton and the four-foot-tall characters made my heart sink.

This makes me want to put all gift-wrapping, cookie-baking, and other holiday preparations on hold and go start the trilogy of movies all over again, just to celebrate and soak in Middle Earth.

Yes, I really am that much of a geek. 😉.

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