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Salmonellasis sucks. There are no two ways about it. I have mental acuity right now that has been sparse and fleeting since I got sick~my words weren’t coming, I was having a hard time remembering things that I otherwise *know*, and I have had an icky “foggy” feeling that really reminded me that I was still not well.

I do think I’m on the mend. My hope is that tomorrow I will realize that I’ve turned the corner and will feel markedly better, because the healing of the bacterium that has infected my gut has been incremental, at best. I was brave yesterday and ate more than just soda crackers and chicken soup; I actually ate some turkey, a small amount of mashed potatoes, and some fresh green beans. Very tasty, but also somewhat nerve-wracking, as things still have a tendency to go through me pretty quickly.

But through all of this, I made a connection as to *why* I got sick when I have never had a problem with raw eggs in the past. I’ve even eaten sukiyaki, a Japanese dish where the meat and vegetables are cooked and then dipped in raw egg right before consuming. Not quite “Rocky”-esque, but certainly more than the average American dares with raw egg. Anyhow, apparently the link is my asthma inhaler (Asmanex). It has a dose of inhaled steroid that (oddly enough) makes me susceptible to the varicella virus (chickenpox), despite the fact that I’ve already had that virus. Regardless, the trade-off that comes with easier breathing through steroids is a slightly depressed immune system. I knew that it was possible to be “more prone to infection,” but I had no idea exactly *what type of infection* that meant. Apparently, it means all sorts of infections. And the salmonella bacterium is a vicious one that took advantage of my immuno-compromise.

I’m a tad annoyed that paying $405 to the pulmonologist who prescribed the medication for me didn’t get me any sort of warning about the suppression of the immune system or anything more than a 10-minute visit, but I guess that’s part of the problem with the state of medical care in the US these days. I will have it noted in my file when I go back in February, but there’s precious little I can do about it at this point.

Mark has been a rock through all of this: I honestly don’t know what I would have done if he had had to work during this ordeal. I think Brendan and the house would have fallen apart, but thanks to Mark’s valiant efforts, neither has happened. He cooked the Christmas turkey and cooked the other things yesterday, and he’s been incredibly supportive. I’m very blessed.

I can’t wait for the day when I realize that I feel SO much better that I *am* better and appreciate what it feels like to be well again. I hope that’s only a day or two away.  .

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