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I read an interesting bit of trivia today, and despite the fact that we don’t “do Santa” over here, I’m always interested in bits of trivia regarding the tradition.

For the past several years or so, kids (which means “their parents”) have been able to “track Santa” at NORAD’s site. NORAD is short for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, and generally they track things like ICBMs and other incendiary devices. Quite a change from the guy in a red suit, eh?

Anyhow, the legend goes that back in 1955, Sears (the same one that Ty Pennington now pitches for) put an ad in a Colorado store for a phone number where they could talk to Santa. Coincidentally, this was on Christmas Eve. There was a slight mistake though~the number was mis-printed and was the hotline for the commander-in-chief at NORAD. I can only imagine what he must have thought with the first batch of phone calls, but this Colonel decided to play nice and go along with it all.

He had his staff check and see what they could track of the Old Elf, and reported to the callers that yes, there were signs of St. Nick flying here and there. A tradition was born, and NORAD began the practice of helping to track Santa on Christmas Eve.

So even though we’re not partakers in the Pere Noel tradition, it’s fun to read about the Christmas spirit of generosity and good will and how this NORAD tracking bit has come about. If perchance your family does “do Santa,” then you’ll probably appreciate the ability to log on to NORAD’s site and track him for your kids here..

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