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I popped in to Kroger last night to get a refill on a prescription and fill a new one for albuterol. Albuterol is used for rapid-response breathing treatments, and I puff on it before going out in the cold to shovel snow, to walk or jog, etc. It’s a longstanding medication and is quite old~and generic. So I expected that I would have a $10 copay on it.

I poked about the store while the prescriptions were filled and meandered over to pick them up. Imagine my shock when the expected $10 copay was $38.14!

I inquired about it, figuring they didn’t file the insurance, but they did. The increased cost was because the formulation changed: not the actual medication, mind you, but the PROPELLANT in it. Which increased the cost from $10 to $38. Lord only knows what it would have been if we didn’t have prescription coverage.

As it turns out, the propellant was changed to “protect the environment.”

What the heck…?

I cannot believe it. I don’t give a WHIT about the environment when I’m shoving this stuff IN TO MY LUNGS. The absurdity is that the environmentalist whackos would sacrifice HEALTH and PEOPLE for the environment’s good, when people are far more valuable (as is their health) than the nebulous concern with which they try to control our lives.

Besides the economic impact of such a change, there’s the impact of those who cannot afford the switch not using the medication as needed/directed, detrimentally affecting their health. And what happens when there’s an asthma attack that is bad and someone cannot afford their medication? They head to the local hospital. If someone cannot afford albuterol, can they really afford a breathing treatment at a hospital? And what happens if they cannot get to the hospital quickly enough? Asthma is, after all, a deadly condition!  All because CFCs are ‘bad’ and the tiny amount that is used in an albuterol inhaler might increase the size of the ozone hole over the south pole.

What a fantastic illustration of absurdity…not to mention a frustrating one..

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