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I adore coffee. I like Starbucks (Verona is my favourite blend), and I love The Righteous Bean’s “Mountain Medley” roast. I like it with half & half and a little bit of nutrasweet. I also enjoy Crystal Light peach tea and diet pepsi or coke zero in the spring and summer.

But I can’t bring myself to drink such cold things during winter, and I try to save the really good coffee for first thing in the morning. Which brings me to hot tea.

I’m the daughter of two Anglo-philes and tea snobs, at that~my parents enjoy true British tea (said with the appropriate accent and inflection, as in “Brih-tish” and “teea”) and not what I drink. My tea is derisively called “flavoured water,” although it’s not~many times, it’s flavoured black tea steeped in water. 😉 Regardless, I like my tea straight up~no sweetener, no milk, and just short of piping hot, preferably with a steeping tea bag in it.

So I’ve been experimenting with different blends and flavours, all by Celestial Seasonings. They are so good at what they do and they often leave me in awe, trying to figure out how they make such wonderful drinks.

I picked up two new boxes today, although I was looking only for one new one and one familiar one. As I was chatting with another tea connoisseur in the aisle of the grocery store, I found the box of the familiar one I was wanting, and handed it to the other customer, thinking I’d find a second one on the shelf. Nope. So that left me experimenting with two new kinds.

I added Candy Cane Lane to the tea basket tonight, and as I’m sipping my second mug of the stuff, I have to ask “How do they DO that?” It’s like drinking a candy cane, complete with its pepperminty-sweet flavour, and yet it has no sweetener in it. Amazingly good stuff. It’s a green tea, but also decaffeinated, and soooo good.

I also picked up Country Peach Passion, which is an herbal tea and tastes like a freshly picked peach. Although I’m a full-on fan of caffeine, after dinner, I just can’t hack it, so decaf is the way to go.

The tea I was looking for (and have polished off an entire box already) is Moroccan Pomegranate Red Rooibos Tea. It is absolutely amazing. Rooibos is purported to be even higher in antioxidants than green or white tea, and the pomegranate flavour is out of this world. Of course, my local store is out, and Meijer doesn’t stock it. 😐

I also enjoy white tea, which is made from the most tender leaves of the tea plant, picked just at the right moment in their development. The Perfectly Pear White Tea hits the spot for me. A little bit of caffeine, a gentle pear taste, and a simple white tea make a fantastic afternoon pick-me-up.

By far, my favourite black tea is Tuscany Orange Spice, which is as fragrant as delicious. It’s orange-y, but has plenty of spice to be reminiscent of a good molasses cookie, especially by the end of the cup, which is oddly sweet and unsweetened simultaneously.

And although the Candy Cane Lane is a green tea and is amazing, it’s also seasonally-available only. So my regular green tea choice is Decaf Mandarin Orchard Green Tea. I think because orange is my favourite (edible) citrus fruit (limes don’t count as edible in my book~squeezable, yes, but not just for eating), I gravitate towards the orange blends. But this one is as light and fragrant as the Tuscany Orange Spice is heavily fragrant and drinkable.

I’ve never had Chai before this week, and I’m not a chocolate fan. But I braved it and tried some Chocolate Carmel Enchantment Chai. Despite the fact that I’m still not a chocolate fan, this tea is smooth and quite carmely and is almost like drinking a dessert. “Chai” means tea in many parts of the world and is typically drunk with milk and honey, this black tea blend needs neither, at least to my tastebuds.

I am having to share my tea stash with Mark and Brendan, but they both enjoy it, and our tea kettle gets a daily workout. While it will never replace coffee in my life, it’s a great way to warm up and enjoy being cozy, especially when it’s cold and snowy outside. :).

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  • Kim

    OK, you could write descriptions for product marketing girl! I am on the tea site and I am NOT a hot tea drinker…us southern girls drink SWEET TEA on ice. I drink 1 cup(HUGE cup) of coffee a day. I have all the ones you recommended in an online cart right now.

  • Kim

    I forgot to add I will keep those in the cart until I get home from Walmart (going to see what brands they have there first since I just printed out .55 cent coupons off the internet for celestial seasons…if Im going to order that much tea it would be good to get .55 cents off each box