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Okay, so it’s not exactly what Weird Al Yankovich sang about in the parody of several years ago, but tomorrow has this “ground zero” feel to it. And I’m still ducking and taking cover. 😮

The baking is done (the limited amount I did this year), the cards are gone, the candles are poured, the “elfing” is done, and most of the gifts are wrapped. Mark finished up his shopping today, and all I have left to wrap are a few things for Brendan. But tomorrow the turkey comes out of the fridge (whether or not it’s completely thawed), the brine gets made, I head to the grocery after church to make sure that I don’t have to go out on Monday morning, and one last sweep of the floor with the vacuum, picking up kid-droppings, and making sure laundry is clean and done, and I should be good.

I hope.

I’m waiting on a package that will (hopefully) arrive Monday morning with a sweater for Christmas Eve, but we have to leave for my cousin’s house by about 12:30-1:00pm. Well, I’ve got to google-map it, but I’m anticipating a good 90+ minute drive from here. I had ordered a beautiful square-necked red ensemble, but it’s on backorder, and a call to the company this week didn’t help me that much: I found out it may never come off of backorder. 😐

So I’m scrambling last night, trying to decide if I should wear red or just make due with what is in my closet. Did I mention I purged most of my closet this fall? Urg. And I’m trying to decide (at about 11pm last night, when I was tired, my back and feet were killing me, and oh yeah…I was tired) if I should wear long pants or palazzo pants, and did the palazzo pants hit me in the wrong spot to not be weird-looking? Oh, and what sweater? The long tunic-one that Mark says makes me look shorter, or the fitted shorter one that I would be tugging at and feeling self-conscious all night long (even though Mark says my self-consciousness is unfounded)? And I realized at that moment…where’s Jenny when I need her? She can talk me through a fashion crisis like nobody’s business and be honest and encouraging at the same time.

I ended up ordering a sweater from Coldwater Creek in red, mostly because there’s a CC store in Brighton that I can return it to if I don’t like it, and because they had “guaranteed by Christmas delivery” for $5. So if I don’t like it, all I’m out is $5 and a trip to Brighton. Which is a gamble I can take. Hopefully it will be perfect, and I’ll decide on the long pants with the over-jacket and it will all come together admirably.

If not, Monday morning really WILL be Ground Zero here. .

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