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I’ve been sewing for a friend for the last two days, but yesterday, my sewing tasks were interrupted by the need to make some phone calls to a congressman and senator based here in Michigan.

As it turns out, Sandi, the woman who lost her husband Dennis while in China, was having a bureaucratic nightmare as well. Some genius in the US Consulate office (where all adoptive families have to go to finalize their adoptions) decided that because Dennis was the primary petitioner on the immigration paperwork and he was deceased, that Sandi would have to leave Hannah behind, go home, and re-file the paperwork.

Needless to say, this was entirely unacceptable to everyone involved. The word went out on the adoption lists, and I was one of more than a thousand people who called the appropriate offices and the senator in question put word out that she was “on the phone” with Sandi’s mother and was “taking care” of the situation. So we stopped calling and put the word out to pray for the officials at the Consulate, that they would change their minds.

Sandi should never have been told that she had to choose between burying her husband and taking her daughter home. To me, that was simply thoughtless and cruel. I’m sure there was some bureaucratic reason behind it that has to do with terrorism or something else, but it simply defied logic and all that is humane. On top of that, Sandi was told that “there were no guarantees” once she “went home and filed the new paperwork.” AUGH!

I’m thrilled to report that the word came across the adoption lists this morning that Sandi will be on her way home WITH Hannah in the next few hours. The prayers and phone calls worked~and there will be no more bureaucratic tie-ups with this family. The fact that there was to begin with is a bit disconcerting to me, but sometimes it takes a well-aimed foot to boot someone in to rational, compassionate thought and to get out of their “follow all the rules to the letter”-type thinking.

Whatever it takes, I guess. I’m just SO glad they’re on their way home. They still have a lot of grieving to do and a lot of things to work through, but at least they can do it as a FAMILY now. .

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