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…is that it *looks* like a $9 haircut. 😐

I typically cut Mark and Brendan’s hair when they need trimming. Other than cutting myself (typically on the knuckle or in the webbing between my fingers), I enjoy it and I’m pretty good at it.

But once a year or so (typically before professional pictures), I spring for a professional haircut for Brendan. I had been hoping to go to Robyn’s in Dexter, because they’ve cut his hair very well in the past. And it’s a “man’s barbershop,” as defined by my dad, not some “froofy girly place.” 😆 Unfortunately for me, their hours on Saturdays are quite short, and they don’t open again until Tuesday (today). Brendan has photos tomorrow and I didn’t want to put off a new haircut until the day before, lest it look like a new haircut.

So I took him to Great Clips and explained (as I stood there) how I’d like his hair cut. I had to ask the technician to fix a few things, but missed how darned crooked the hair on his forehead was cut. Urg.

I trimmed him up today and fixed the areas in front where it was uneven, chalking it up to inexperience on the technician’s part (not as though I’ve been to beauty school, though) and taking advantage of a freshly-showered boy and a wet head. Which means, for all intents and purposes, that today is Tuesday, the day before his photos are taken, and he’s got a fresh haircut.

Sort of not the point, huh?.

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