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…Kroger just PAID ME $.21 to walk out of the store with a cart full of groceries. Not too shabby, eh? 😉

I had to fill a new prescription, and when it comes to that, I’ll fully admit to being mercenary. I have no loyalty on this issue, and I’ll go anywhere (within reasonable distance) to get a deal on my medication. I have to buy it anyhow, right? Why not have it provide some monetary benefit? So Kroger’s coupon for $20 store credit with a new or transferred script worked well for me. I took my prescription, a cart, and set to shopping.

I ended up with a 20# turkey (frozen) at $.49/lb. , 2-24 packs of Pepsi products (a very rare treat, because it’s something we really don’t *need*) for $5 each (with the purchase of a turkey), a block of Philly cream cheese, a half-pound of cheddar-jack cheese, and 3 quarts of half & half. Oh, and my prescription.

In addition to sending me the $20 store credit coupon, they sent me a $1.50 off of $7 in dairy product, a “free Philly Cream Cheese” coupon, a $.75 off any package of Kroger cheese, and a $1.50 off of $7 in frozen foods. Oh, and the soda has a $10 rebate. So the half & half (which we use liberally in our coffee) was the dairy purchase, the cream cheese was free, and the block of cheddar-jack was $1.25, after the coupon. Oh, and since the turkey was frozen, it was $.49/lb plus the $1.50 off of that. Which means that I spent $9.79 total, but will get $10 back, ultimately coming back to Kroger paying me $.21 for all I purchased, all because I leveraged my prescription-buying power and coupons. It doesn’t happen like this very often, but I’ll take it when I can get it.

Not bad for a Sunday afternoon’s worth of work, eh? .

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  • http://www.blissonearth.blogspot.com Sari

    Please take me shopping with you!!! We got great deals for this weekend, too….