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I am really, really enjoying homeschooling. For having such high expectations (it was something I wanted to do from the day Brendan was born), it is really panning out to be all that AND a bag of chips. Some of it probably has to do with the curriculum we’re using~which (as it turns out), really *isn’t* curriculum so much at all, more than a shared reading and learning experience.

I’ve been reading books about Charlotte Mason, who is considered by many to be the grand matriarch of home education. And as I read about her philosophies and whatnot, I realize that although I purchased instructor’s guides and schedules from Sonlight, Sonlight merely provides me with a guide to share some fantastic books with Brendan and lets him take the learning from those books. Which is pretty cool, really.

I’m learning more than I thought I would~despite a Master’s degree, I honestly didn’t know much (at all) about William Tell, yet I’m learning more and more as we read through “The Arrow & The Apple,” which although it has some arcane language, is really quite riveting. I’m changing some of archaic words to contemporary ones as I read aloud, and Brendan is eating it up. I knew Tell shot the apple off his son’s head, but I didn’t know the surrounding circumstances or *why* he did it. Turns out, it wasn’t an act of foolishness or showmanship, but a test designed by a cruel governor and used to save both Tell’s and his son’s lives. Fascinating stuff!

Brendan is also becoming the king of read-alouds. And I don’t mean he’s reading to me, although his reading skills are coming along quite nicely for a kindergartener. I read to him, and he’s devouring books left and right. We’ve been slowly working through the Little House series for about 15 months now, and we continue with that. But when we finished “The Boxcar Children” (part of the Sonlight’s “curriculum”), he was begging for more reading on my part. So we plowed through a Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle book and then through another.

And now we’re reading the first (chronological) book of The Chronicles of Narnia, “The Magician’s Nephew.” I am only permitted to stop reading to moisten my mouth or do chores. I have read this book for 3 days, and we’re set to finish it tonight. He’s even given up his precious TV tokens and has asked that I read through dinner. Like I’m gonna say, “No!”?? No way, jose! Let me say this again: my. child. has. given. up. television. time. and. asked. me. to. read. aloud. instead. And it’s from CS Lewis’ tales? Oy! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!

I know it might not always be this way. I really do. But I’m eating it up while it lasts. The other morning, Brendan was sitting on my bed, watching me apply my makeup and commented, “You know what, Mama? I really LOVE homeschooling.” When asked what his favourite parts were (we weren’t even talking about schooling at the time), my 5 year old said, “All the read-alouds and math.” 😀

He’s learning. And I’m reading. And my heart is smiling.

I’m not sure it gets much better than this..

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  • Cyber Sis Jen

    I am so thankful you are both enjoying your learning time. Few things bless this teacher more than hearing a child is drawn to reading:-) I am instilling that in my 2 also and am amazed by all the words my “K” student already knows. Reading the paper is a whole new adventure when a little hand is constantly reaching across it to point out a word she knows, covering up part of a word to show me a little word,etc. After 25 years of teaching, I can tell you some kids embrace learning and some fight it. Glad your guy is grabbing it and and begging for more:-) Jen

  • Stephanie

    Aw, that is totally sweet! I have a son also and I want to homeschool him. We have our little ‘tot school” and I LOVE it!