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Brendan has been eating up the reading I’ve been doing with CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. Inside of 8 days, we’ve read through “The Magician’s Nephew,” and “The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe,” which are the first two books in the  chronology of Narnia. Admittedly, not the order in which the books were published, but the order which makes the most sense based on the creation of Narnia and the ability of a 5 year old to follow it.

I’ve read the entire series close to 40 times~as a kid, I would read them over and over inside of a year and live in the stories in my mind. My mom and I were talking tonight and she reminded me that I was always the bookworm of the three of us, that I found more friends in the pages of books than I made in real life~I guess that’s the melancholic personality I’ve always been. 😉

Regardless, I’m privileged to see and read the stories through the eyes of my son now. As I read (and create appropriate voices~that makes it more fun) , I get to watch his face and see how he’s wound in to the story. When Aslan was killed by the White Witch, he was horrified. In the next chapter when Aslan was ‘resurrected’ through Deeper Magic, he was in awe. As I read and he realized that Aslan wasn’t still dead, his eyes grew large as saucers and a huge grin came over his face, which made the whole experience that much more rich (for me).

We finished TLTW&TW on Saturday evening as he was tucked in to bed, and afterwards, Mark and I discussed whether or not old enough to watch the movie. One of my sisters gave me the movie last year as a gift, and as we recalled the scenes that might otherwise frighten him, we realized that there was literally no blood in it. Although not completely true to the book in that aspect and one or two other areas, I appreciated the lack of blood and intensity that the producers and director included in the movie, realizing that younger children would probably be watching it.

I think we actually have something that might unseat “Cars” as Brendan’s favourite movie. He loved it and wasn’t frightened at all, and asked to watch it again and again. I think part of what he loved about it was putting “faces” with the characters, but also that we watched it as a family and explained stuff to him throughout. He was immensely cute when in the battle-scenes at the end, he said, “Mama! The kids’ team is winning!” despite my explanations that it was an army and not a team and that it was war to determine the future of Narnia. Maybe the lack of blood was detrimental in that aspect. But I don’t think I’d trade one for the other~not for a 5 year old.

I wasn’t actually sure that I could love these books any more than I already did. But I think the story as interpreted through my kid and watching him learn to love reading and the books has done it for me.

What a fantastic trip this is!.

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    Now you just need to get him reading Bart or Dallas Willard, maybe even some Witherington!