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I just got this note from a friend~one of our families within Loving China’s Children (one of the e-lists I co-own/moderate) is in China right now, and has been united with their new daughter. Her name is Sandi and her husband Dennis have been married 18 or 19 years, and this is their first child. Hannah is their daughter and they were preparing to return to the States when Dennis fell ill.

Dennis was struggling to keep his blood glucose levels in check while in China and fell in to a diabetic coma yesterday. He died in Guangzhou last night.

When I heard the news, my heart fell right to my toes. I cannot believe this~to finally see the realization of the dream of building their family and being in China and to have your husband pass away at the same time?! My heart is breaking for them.

Sandi’s mother and brother are trying to get emergency visas to get to China to help out, and now there is concern that the US government (via the Consulate in Guangzhou) would deny Hannah’s visa to return to the States with her mother, as her father’s death affects the status of her adoption (on paper only, though).

If you’re a praying-type of person, please pray for Sandi, Hannah, and their shock & grief. Please pray that the Consulate would not deny Hannah’s visa and that they would be able to return home unhindered, and for all arrangements for Dennis’ body. I ache for them and appreciate your thoughts and prayers..

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  • Cyber Sis Jen

    Oh no! How incredibly sad for all of them! I am praying mightily! Love, Jen

  • Danielle

    How sad. I am so sorry to hear of their loss. I hope that Hannah will be able to go home with her new Mom.