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So we’ve been watching movies that we already own for family movie night in the last several weeks. And I just can’t bring myself to write about “Cars,” because although it’s a great movie, the 73rd time through, I just can’t wax poetic about its good points.

But this week, we got “Lord of the Beans” from the library. If you’re not familiar with the title, it’s a Veggie Tales title and is (naturally) a spoof of “The Lord of the Rings.” Now as a Tolkien-nut, it’s vaguely sacrilegious, but it’s funny, too. “Toto Baggypants” (Frodo Baggins) receives a Bean of Power and it’s a gift. He wants to know how to use his Gift, and travels over Much Snowia (Moria) in to the Land of Doom to figure out what to do with the Bean/Gift.

Toto is joined by Randalf (Mr. Nezzer as Gandalf), Ear-A-Corn (Larry as Aragorn), Leg-o-Lamb (Jerry the Gourd as Legolas), and Grumpy (Pa Grape as Gimli). Oh, and a miscellaneous elf named “The Other Elf,” who is suspiciously reminiscent of a Keebler Elf. 😉

Of course there are jokes along the way that only fans of the original Peter Jackson trilogy will get (i.e., they go over Brendan’s head completely), and the normal “Silly Songs with Larry” is replaced with “Silly Songs with Elves,” and Larry the Cucumber is dressed as Elvis(h). He is discovered as an “Elvish Impersonator” by Leg-O-Lamb, and in usual fashion, that’s where the Silly Song segment ends.

Toto comes across the Raspberry Forest (Fangorn Forest) where creatures very similar to Ents live, but they blow raspberries as a greeting. And Saruman is represented as “Lord ScaryMan,” the villain of the script. Lord ScaryMan wants the Bean of Power to get what he wants (fame, power, and an espresso maker), but Toto hangs on to it and learns that his Gift is for helping other people, not accruing fame, power, or money. ScaryMan’s evil henchmen are “Sporks,” and look amazingly like the eating device found at Taco Bell restaurants across the nation. Happily, The Other Elf (who apparently has a small bladder) hops in to a tree in the Land of Doom (presumably to take care of business), and comes out with cookies (hence the Keebler Elf nod) that tame the Spork army. Turns out, the Sporks were just hungry! 😉

All in all, a very cute movie. As you might expect from Veggie Tales, a tale that reminds us that our gifts aren’t for personal gain, but to bless and help others. It’s a worthwhile watch, even for the Tolkien purist, because it’s funny and your kids will pick up a beneficial message while you snort and laugh..

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