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Brendan and I just finished setting up the tree, and it’s beautiful. Okay, there are too many glass ornaments at the top of the tree and too many soft or unbreakable ones at the bottom, but such is life with a kid and cats.

It’s been 2 years since we set up a tree; last year we were in the midst of packing up our house and moving to Michigan. So as I pulled ornaments from the box and put them on the tree, I had fun remembering who gave them to us and marveling at how pretty they are.

And I’m a little sad right now~this is our first Christmas in our new home and with all of “our stuff,” and I miss the friends we have in Kentucky who shared our lives, our time, and gave us such beautiful things to decorate our tree. I don’t regret moving up here (at all), but I’m feeling a tad emotional right now, as I type with moist eyes. .

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