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Our full curriculum finally showed up last week and last Friday ended up being an “in service” day for Brendan~this meant that he got to play all day long and have a day off from lessons and I got to organize all of my instructor’s guides, materials, etc. So we were ready to go as of Tuesday morning.

Yesterday found us looking at the schedule (we’re on the 4-day plan) and finding that the read-aloud book (“The Boxcar Children”) was to cover 2 chapters. I announced this, only to receive some active groaning and moaning in response. So we buckled down and started the school day.

As I finished up the second chapter of the read-aloud, the little boy to my left was actively hanging on each and every word. I read the last sentence and started to close it, only to be the recipient of >howls< of protest! 😕 Brendan didn’t want me to stop reading~he was loving the book. The very same one he protested would be “too long” if I read two chapters…he was now requesting that I read 3 MORE chapters! 😀

I’m loving this. I’ve gotta be honest~to have my kid >begging< me for more literature? I’m loving this!

We ended up moving on (after I completed a third chapter in the book) to science and math, and the math went so well that Brendan wanted to do the ENTIRE WORKBOOK! I told him that we need to pace ourselves, but he really seems to be math-driven right now. Which is fun…and very different from how I was raised and what I remember.

I actually remember hearing the words “girls aren’t very good at math,” and not being actively challenged in the subject. Until, that is, I got to 10th grade and found out how much I *hated* geometry. That was challenging, but it certainly wasn’t useful or enjoyable. I discovered that I was “good at math” as an adult, and it was liberating. Mark and I were talking about math and I commented that “I wasn’t very good at it.” He looked at me cross-eyed and said, “Really? What’s the tax on a $35 arrangement?” Without much thinking, I said, “$2.10.” He smiled and said, “So you’re not ‘good at math,’ eh?”

The realization that I *was* good at math was like a lightbulb going on and staying on over my head~to realize that I WAS capable of more than I thought was an incredibly cool thing. And now to see life come full-circle and see my 5 year old working problems like “47+2” in Kindergarten is pretty darned amazing. :)

I’m lovin’ this Sonlight material and watching the lightbulb-moments in my kid’s life.

It is truly amazing. :).

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