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“Thank you for flying with Southwest Airlines, ladies and gentlemen. We know you have other choices of airlines~not that they’re good choices~and no one appreciates you and your money more than Southwest. Have a great day in Detroit!”


So began yesterday as we landed at Metro Airport, a full 25 minutes ahead of schedule. We were tired, we were somewhat cranky. We’d been up since 5:15 that morning, all of which contributes to tiredness and crankiness. And we were home.

We had a nice visit in Maryland, although it was chaotic at times. Brendan’s routine (and mine, for that matter) really got knocked about, and neither of us are particularly good at adjusting on-the-fly like that. But all vacations must come to an end, and re-entry isn’t quite what I’d hoped for.

Not that anything around here was horrible coming home; we’d done Home Blessing a few days before we left, so things were clean when we came in. Including the cat’s food bowl, which was devoid of “food crumbs” that ordinarily get overlooked and fussed about from the two fussbudgets we have for cats. They actually ATE the crumbs, which was a bit surprising.

But I had great visions of hopping right back in to our routines, having an incredibly productive day or two, and falling right back in to place.

Of course, it didn’t help that our cable company was having an internet “issue” when we got home or that I left my phone in MD and have no memory for phone numbers like I used to. Everyone is in that phone’s “phonebook,” and if they’re not there, I’m toast. So I’m toast. I just picked up Mark’s phone and answered it, because it said, “Mom.” I didn’t realize that it wasn’t *my* mom–it was *Mark’s* mom. It is, after all, his phone. :roll:

That pilot should have said, “Please be aware as you disembark at Detroit Metro Airport that you will experience sluggishness, exhaustion, and you may need a few extra days to acclimate. Please keep your seatbelt fastened during your re-entry in to life.”

Because that’s how I feel! 😮.

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