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Oy. I thought the whole Kimkins debacle really had blown its wad, so to speak–that it had hit critical mass already and had nothing else weird to expel.

I was wrong. 😮

So “Kimmer” originally had a “before and after” set of photos on her site to show her “success.” Oddly enough (not really), those photos aren’t on her site now. Some intrepid internet sleuths discovered that these photos are faked (not terribly surprising, based on the research that spawned this post). These are the photos in question–to the left is the supposed “before” shot, and immediately next to it is the one used in Woman’s World Weekly (national magazine) that started to bring all the interest in Kimkins as a diet plan. To the right of the WWW photo is the one that was on the Kimkins website as the “after” photo. Comments to follow.

Now how one can lose weight and years at the same time is somewhat befuddling to me. As is how anyone in professional publishing could think that either a) the photo wasn’t heavily photoshopped or b) the photo wasn’t a fake altogether. Admittedly, we’ve been convinced through skillful television editing to think that “extreme makeovers” really can remove more than gray hair and crooked teeth, but come on! The photo to the far right shows a woman with brown eyes, the photo to the right of the “before” photo shows a woman with bright blue eyes. Contacts aside, where the heck are the critical thinking skills?

So guess who these gorgeous women are? As I mentioned before, the amazingly-technologically-advanced folks at the Low Carb Friends website/forums have discovered that these women are Russian and Ukrainian. And (get this) on “mail order bride”-type websites! It just keeps getting better and better and weirder and weirder. Or as Lewis Carroll wrote, “curioser and curioser.”

So the fact that these photos have been removed from the Kimkins site is no surprise. All of the photos attached to “success stories” have also been faked and removed (see this site) and are also Russian or Ukrainian women on dating/seeking-marriage sites.

Truth is catching up to Heidi Diaz, aka Kimmer. She’s dodging it at every turn, but it won’t surprise me if the Attorney General of California (where she’s located) doesn’t come after her for fraud and deception. And maybe the Post Office General for mail fraud, if she’s accepted any payments via snail mail. You can run, but in the day and age of the internet, you can’t hide for very long.

Oh Mama, I’m in fear for my life from the long arm of the law / Law man has put an end to my running and I’m so far from my home / The jig is up, the news is out / They finally found me / The renegade who had it made / Retrieved for a bounty / Never more to go astray / This’ll be the end today / Of the wanted [wo]man –Tommy Shaw, Styx, “Renegade,” from “Pieces of Eight,” c. 1978.


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