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…the methacholine challenge I had 10 days ago.

Which, for better or worse, means I have asthma. Not badly~it’s certainly not life-threatening. But it’s a pain. I got my scripts filled today and have a new inhaler of Pulmicort, which is an inhaled steroid that should open my lungs up with continued use. And a new ‘rescue inhaler’ of albuterol~the same stuff that makes my hands quake and makes me jittery. But my doctor said to use the albuterol before exercise and/or doing a race, which means that I’m going to not notice the shaky hands at that point.

So here’s to hoping it works! I’ll test it out tomorrow when we hike around for Apple Daze here in Dexter, which generally involves a decent amount of walking at a good pace–we might actually venture all the way down to the cider mill tomorrow. And if we do, then maybe that albuterol inhaler will help me keep up! :).

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