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Unfortunately, I mean that *literally*.

Brendan came in today from playing outside and was (I thought) trying to hang up his scarf and hoodie. There was a terrific CRASH! from around the corner, and he said, “Ooops! The shoe cubby came off the wall!” I asked him what he did and received the always-innocent, “Nothing! I was just trying to put my boots away!” response. Of course, the screws that held it in the wall were completely pulled out as well.

So I told him that we’d re-attach it and to leave it be, when there was ANOTHER CRASH! from the same area, only this time, the boy was lying on the floor with the coat hook-thing next to him. And this time, there were tears. 😥

I picked him up, dusted him off, and inspected him for injuries (nothing except his pride, I think) and asked (again) what had happened. He said he was “just trying to hang up his scarf” and the “whole thing fell down!” Somehow, I didn’t believe him.

Funny, that mother’s intuition thing.

So after figuring out that I had re-attach two things to the wall, I sat back down to finish the task at hand and Brendan came in the room, pouting. When I asked what his problem was, he replied, “Well that was the stupidest idea I’ve ever had.”

❓ ❓ ❓

Knowing that I really didn’t want to know the answer, I asked with an appropriate amount of fear and trepidation, “What do you mean, son?”

He said, “Oh, my idea to climb the walls…that was the most stupidest idea I’ve ever had.”

My reply was, “Not really, sweetheart…but it’s certainly not the wisest idea you’ve ever had. This way, if one of your brothers or sisters gets the idea, you can tell them you’ve tried it, it doesn’t work, and it doesn’t make Mama very happy.”

“But what if they get it in their heads and can’t get the idea out like I did?”


In my least-incredulous and most-loving voice, I said, “Well, next time you get an idea stuck in your head and you don’t know if it’s wise or not, ask Daddy or me. We’ll never tell you the wrong thing, and we can help you get the idea un-stuck from your head at the same time.”

Tell me it gets better as kids get older.


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