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I finally braved up and got my hair cut last week. It had been 6 months since Matthias trimmed the locks, and they had gotten progressively longer–and slightly more ragged-looking. The ends were splitting, despite the fact that I don’t use a hairdryer and wore it up most of the summer. And since Matthias had spoiled me rotten in the 8.5 years he cut my hair and I wasn’t planning any trips south in the near future, I sucked it up and took a referral to a salon in Ann Arbor.

A friend of mine remarked several years ago that women are weird about who cuts their hair–after all, it wasn’t brain surgery. To which I responded, “No! It’s more important than brain surgery!” My tongue was firmly implanted in my cheek of course, but think about it–if they screw up brain surgery, they put the skull back in place and stitch you all up. No one can see it–they might see the *effects* of the messed-up surgery, but they can’t see how it was botched. But if you have a bad haircut, EVERYONE gets to see it. And gawk. And know that your hair was cut with a weed whacker.

All kidding aside, it totally affects how you see yourself and how you carry yourself–and ultimately, that affects how people treat you. So a bad haircut is a serious thing–to avoid, that is.

So after copious amounts of research, I ended up at Salon Vox under the skillful hands of a man named Ryan. He came highly recommended from other ArborParents online, and I figured it was worth a shot. At least the raggedy ends would be gone…right?

I did what I did with Matthias for all those years, with a small bit of explanation. I told Ryan about my life, my hair, my hair-loss issues, and what was non-negotiable (my flat iron). And then I told him to do “whatever made it look good” while preserving as much length as possible. He commented a few times that I was a trusting soul, to which I said, “Nah…but if you screw up my hair, I get to walk around Ann Arbor this way, and everyone will know you did it.” 😉 Wicked, wicked Sue. I know.

The salon is quite avant garde and well-appointed, and Ryan did a good job. I left feeling as though it was All About My Hair and as though I was simply a mannequin underneath The Hair. It was a bit disconcerting, because I’m really not a high-maintenance-hair-type woman. I have a beauty regimen, I will admit. And it’s definitely more involved than some women’s routines. But hair? I wash it before bed, go to bed with wet hair, and bam! it’s dry in the morning. Then I brush it and if the humidity is low, I’ll straighten it and leave it down. If the humidity is high, it gets braided, or bunned, or pinned up in some manner. But that’s about it. And Ryan kept talking about Product. As in, “You MUST use Product!” “You don’t use Product in your hair??” “This Product is The One I recommend for you.” Ugh. The only “product” I’ve used is Amplify shampoo and conditioner and a brush. That’s it. So all of it felt very foreign to me and left me wondering if this ‘do was maintainable on a daily basis.

I liked the way my felt when I left the salon–silky smooth and soft. So guess what? I actually bought some Product this week. Yes, me. Mrs. I-Don’t-Want-to-Fuss-Too-Much-with-My-Hair bought some CHI Silk Infusion treatment. And I like it! It’s just a moment or two fingering through my hair with it on my palms, but the results as far as lack of frizz, softness, and silkiness are worth it. Which makes me think that maybe I’ll try another spray for shine. But then I’d *really* be a high-maintenance woman. And I’m not sure I can ditch my reputation quite that easily.

So I dropped Matthias a note this week with a pack of maize & blue m&ms. I had to send them to my favourite Michigan fan in Kentucky, and I told him that I braved it out and got my hair cut. I also told him to eat the m&ms while the Michigan-Penn State game was on and that we’d win if he did. Apparently he did, because we won. :)

I still miss Matthias, and maybe over the years I’ll build that kind of friendship with Ryan. For now though, I have an appointment with him scheduled for the week before Christmas. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m no longer petrified of getting my hair cut up here. 😉.

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