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So after my ‘honking’ on Sunday with my 5K, I decided that if I want to continue to do this (race, that is), I needed to see the doctor. So yesterday I trotted to our family physician and explained the situation. He concurred that the damage to my lungs from pneumonia and pulmonary emboli are long-standing; the scarring is quite real. But he was somewhat consternated at hearing the wheeze when he asked me to breathe in deeply and exhale as quickly as I could. It was unmistakable, really. 😐

So I have to hop to Chelsea Hospital on Monday for a battery of tests, including chest x-rays, a “methacholine challenge,” and a few blood tests. Might as well get it all worked out at the same time as opposed to running back a few days later to complete the series. I have no idea what to expect from the methacholine test, except that I can’t have coffee in the morning and I have to eat breakfast. 😐

Joy. I’m not a morning-hunger-type-person, and I generally don’t eat anything until close to 10am, if I don’t hold off until lunch. But the no-coffee bit stinks in a big way–I’m going to get a caffeine-addict-headache if I don’t get some in me before lunchtime. Ah well…this too shall pass.

Mark has arranged to take Monday off (at least, he was supposed to when he left this morning) so Brendan doesn’t have to be bored out of his skull during all of this, which is helpful. That means I only have to care for myself in between the hospital and professional buildings.

Dr. Martin has given me the precursory go-ahead to do another race in early October, pending the results of the tests. I’m sure if he finds something worth treating, then we’ll do that and I’ll be cleared for it. But in a weird sort of way, this whole race-thing is pretty fun. I’m still not sure about running per se, because I like having knees that actually function. But I figure as I get going with all of this, I can make a decision about running vs. jogging and take it from there.

Here’s to those tests and some new management for my lungs~I’ll report in afterwards. :)

Oh, and get ready: Monday, September 24 is National Punctuation Day. You’d better believe I’ll blog about it and you won’t see misplaced quotation marks, apostrophes, or anything else grammatically or punctuationally incorrect. Except I did make up that word. But that doesn’t count. 😛.

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