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Yep, you read right. September 24 is National Punctuation Day. Started by a guy who found that many of us have “bugaboos” about incorrect punctuation and grammar. And that’s always driven me a little battier than I normally am. 😉

Who knew that hot dogs could possess anything? Or that Toyotas could own Hondas? Yet this is what we see on signs all around–even ones that are professionally designed. “Hot dog’s” on a menu. And “Toyota’s & Honda’s” on a sign for a used car dealership.

And so being who I am and also being a homeschooler, I decided that today~although it’s normally an “off-day” for homeschooling~would be a short lesson in punctuation. Because Brendan is so young and so early in the reading and writing realm, we focused on simple punctuation like a period, comma, question mark, and exclamation point. Or, as Brendan said this morning, “ExclaVation point!” 😉

And for dinner tonight, we had the official meal of National Punctuation Day, which is meatloaf. But this meatloaf is no ordinary meatloaf; it’s shaped in the form of a question mark. What better way to highlight the lesson? It was easy to make and fun to look at~but even better to eat tomorrow on meatloaf sandwiches. :).

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  • http://www.g2c.net Pa Zaah, Brother I never asked for, that guy, hey you,or Isaiah

    I guess punctuation day is not known for punctuality since this post was a day late!

  • http://www.emilygrace.memory-of.com Wen

    Ok, THAT is GROSS!!!! It looks like you served raw KIDNEYS for dinner!!! Ewwww! 😛 At least you coulda cooked it before taking a picture!!!!!

  • http://www.emilygrace.memory-of.com Wen

    Or maybe it looks more like INTESTINES?!?!?!?