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My testing yesterday (the methecholine challenge) went well enough; I was tired of it by the end and found that the last (and strongest) dose of the stuff made me feel like I was bound up in duct tape. Oddly enough, even though I knew I was in a hospital with a respiratory therapist and was in no real danger, that “panic button” in my head went off and I found myself looking for a way to make myself breathe and get the heck out of there in a hurry. Weird how that works~I didn’t decide to panic~it just sort of happened. I pulled it under control, finished the test, and was very grateful for a dose of albuterol that opened up my lungs afterwards. It was even worth it to have the shakes from the albuterol~at least I could breathe clearly.

Yesterday was quite a challenge just because this darned ragweed is getting to me. I got a snootful of it on Saturday when I was mowing, and my nose ran like a sieve for the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday. And then again, all of Monday–I couldn’t take any antihistamines or anything that would stop the flow of the nasal faucet because of the testing. When I got home, I popped a zyrtec and took some flonase, and then sniffled my way through the day. 😐

But the lack of sleep from Sunday night caught up to me by about 8:30 last night, and I was struggling to breathe through my nose and keep my eyes open, so figured it wasn’t worth it and headed to bed around 9:00. I had to remember the trick to taking Astelin, which is a nasal antihistamine~and if you get it on the back of your throat, you’re toast. In all my days of tasting things, some good, some bad, I have NEVER tasted anything as foul as this medication. Seriously~it is the most bitter thing I’ve experienced and if I can keep from tasting it, I’m in a good place.

I managed to do that (mostly), and remembered how important it was not to ‘sniff’ after dosing with it. But then I fell asleep.

I slept well, I could breathe all night long, and I felt so good when I awoke this morning! Yes, it’s an antihistamine and can dry out my nose and sinuses. But it’s a far better thing to be a little dry than to constantly have the nose running like a faucet~and to sleep the sleep of the nasally-victorious. Oh, and not to annoy one’s spouse with constantly blowing and honking all night long.

I think Mark likes Astelin, too. 😉.

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