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Ya know, while this is a cartoon and worthy of a chuckle, there are an awful lot of us who apply this sort of bizarre standard to our own lives and bodies. We let the mainstream media (MSM) tell us what they want, and as John Mayer sang in Waiting for the World to Change, “When they own the information oh, they can bend it all they want….” Many of us recognize this truth when it comes to political matters in our world and can discern how the MSM tries to act like a puppet-master, controlling strings and making the world and its inhabitants move as desired. Yet when it comes to our bodies, our clothing, and other things, we (apparently) can’t see it. Or somehow, the power of the message overwhelms what we know to be true and right. Regardless, we end up stringing ourselves along like Wanda in the above-cartoon.

On a parenting list in which I participate, we’ve had a small thread on the “prosti-tot” look–that is, clothing for little girls that makes them look like teenage hookers. Modest and/or age-appropriate clothing for little girls is hard to obtain, and yet the designers keep making the “prosti-tot” look. Which brings several things to my mind: if we as parents say we don’t want words written across our kids’ butts and we say we don’t want our little girls in spandex and skin-tight clothing, why is the industry still making the clothes we say we don’t want? Clearly, someone is buying them, because capitalism being what it is and a manufacturer’s goal being what it is (to make a profit), they’d stop making the stuff if they were losing money.

Which leads me in to the next little tangent: why do we buy these things for our kids and what message are we sending them? Are we projecting our own ideas of sex appeal on to little kids who have no business living up to these ideals? And are we (in a back-door sort of way) allowing the MSM to project these ideas to our progeny through our own actions and internal beliefs, with which we are indoctrinating our kids? These questions are largely rhetorical, but they scare the spit out of me. I don’t want my son noticing words across some girl’s rump because it’s on her sweats or skirt, and I know what sort of message it sends to the populous as a whole. One of: “good girls don’t, but I do!” 😐

Oy. This has gotten heavy, quickly. I guess I really want kids to have the chance to be kids, without having external pressure to look like Britney Spears when they are 7, 8, & 9. Heck, I don’t want to see teenagers dressed like Spears. But it’s worse when a parent can’t even find kid’s clothes in the stores to appropriately dress their little girls.

A friend saw some of those “words on the butt” sweats on one of his friends in college, way back in the 80s. He asked with a wink if those pants came in Braille. 😉

Think about it.

Now you’ve got it. 😮.

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