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Oy! I’ve been completely out of pocket recently! :roll:

So on the catching-up side of things, it’s been a little hairy around here. Things are okay, but busy.

  • I “vacationed” our bedroom, which took me about a week of doing little bits every day. The upside of the week’s work is that the room is ready to be painted and decorated, but until that happens (in the fall), all the little things that I’ve been “meaning to do” (but couldn’t find the time to do!) are done. And it feels good.
  • I’ve also been working with Brendan to curb the whining (double oy!) and teaching him that picking up after himself is good and helpful. Ultimately, although I’m “born organized” and it’s *easier* (and oftentimes quicker) to do it all myself, he’s not going to learn anything from this pattern in my life.
    • So I’ve adopted more and more of FlyLady’s stuff to teach him that 15 minutes at a time can keep up on his messes, and that he can do anything for those 15 minutes *except whine*. And so far, he’s getting the idea. It also helps that I dropped my “push through it” attitude and promise him that I won’t ask him to do more than 15 minutes at a time. He fought the timer-use at first, but I’ve been sticking to my word and teaching him to trust me, and then we work to get as much done in 15 minutes as possible. And he’s learning to love the timer–today he actually begged me to set the timer and asked to take it with him to his room so he would know when to stop picking up in there. :)
  • Our butterflies hatched last week, but that’s not for this post; I’ve got photos that I’ll write about and post tomorrow.
  • We had 2 extra kiddos here for a few days while their mom swapped around her work schedule; it was fun, but it also zapped me of energy. I really do want more kids, but if they come in pairs and older than 5, I’ll have to take extra Royal Jelly to keep up. 😉
  • We also helped out a friend with preparations for a funeral gathering at her home; not typically a fun-thing, but there was an aspect which was enjoyable. Mark and I haven’t worked together like that for a while; I haven’t coordinated a wedding or reception in a year or two, and we work together really well setting up and “hosting” events. So as we were setting up food, working on presentation, etc., it felt “good” in a way I didn’t expect–a fond memory and realization that we’re paired well. It still doesn’t make a time of grief “enjoyable” per se, but once the more formal part of the event was over, I did manage to win a game of Texas Hold ‘Em. 😉
  • And then we geared up for The Walk to Cure Juvenile Diabetes. It was a great day to walk at Michigan State, but of course, I had to wear Michigan colours. Which promptly got me razzed by one of the entertainers there–a clown pronounced my wardrobe to be “ugly” and asked if I had any other clean clothes to wear in the shadow of MSU’s stadium. I told him that I had washed the shirt the day prior (true!) just for this event, which only brought on more disdain. We also walked down the street right across from some MSU football players. I ran over and begged them to take a photo with me for a friend of mine in KY, but they would have none of it. They wouldn’t even consider posing with me! So my new theory about why UofM beats MSU on an annual basis is that the MSU players are afraid of our Maize & Blue jerseys and run in the opposite direction from them. 8) I love it!
    • But our family did the walk and raised close to $6000, if not more. I was so proud of them and we all enjoyed the walk and time together. Cami recently got her insulin pump, but being only 2, it’s hard to gauge exactly how wonderful it will be for her. It’s still hard to keep her glucose levels stable, but her parents know that part of that is due to her age and that things will improve as she ages.
    • And now begins my more intense training for the 5K in September. Yesterday’s walk was good and only 1.5 miles (half of the 5K’s distance), but it was challenging in that we were walking with kids and small ones who stopped, started, wandered down to see ducks and a river, and then we were at fault by stopping to take photos, pose by the statue of “Sparty,” etc. So the stopping and starting was hard, but it was also hard that I have yet to find the right pair of shoes. :( I thought I had them initially with Saucony, but those hurt my arches. So the shoe store swapped me out for a pair of Brooks. And while those didn’t hurt my arch, they did hurt my heel, and I had my orthotics in the shoes. So I put my orthotics in my old Nike Air shoes, but couldn’t make it at all; the orthotics shove my feet forward, the the Nikes are not spacey enough for that. So I wore my Keen sandals, which was better than going barefoot, but still caused a reasonable amount of swelling and discomfort. So before I hit the trail at the MetroPark in earnest, I have to figure out the shoe-situation. Because I can’t do 3 miles in sandals–at least, I can’t do it and then walk the next day. 😐

So that’s my catching-up; we’ve had a fair amount of (extended-) family distress lately, but my hope is that it’s nearly over, or at least, improving. And although it didn’t affect me directly, it certainly did affect me indirectly, and things like that always take up emotional and mental energy. Tomorrow I’ll have more to post, but for now, it’s off to bed. :).

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