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So it’s 9:02 a.m., and I’ve already had my workout for the day.

I wrestled Brendan to clean a cut on his big toe, and after arguing, cajoling, strong-arming, and about 2 gallons of epsom-salt soak-water on the carpet, it’s done. :roll:

He wasn’t wearing his shoes yesterday at the park and stubbed his toe badly. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but he really tore the top of his toe open, and even after his bath last night, there was a lot of dirt in the wound. So he asked for an epsom-salt soak to clean it out.

“IT’S TOO HOT!” was the first shriek.

“IT STINGS!” was the second. And then, “I want Daddy to soak his foot with me!”

So Mark trouped downstairs and dutifully soaked his foot in the lukewarm-to-cold water that Brendan refused to put his foot in. :roll:

This morning, I could see some redness and swelling, so I gave him the choice of epsom-soak or hydrogen peroxide. He chose the epsom-soak.

And then wouldn’t soak his foot. Surprise, surprise.

So I told him it was time to get the peroxide and that I wasn’t willing to see an infected toe on his foot. He was weighing what I said because he had an infected toe on his other foot when he picked at his toenail in April. It wasn’t pleasant and took quite a while to cure, but he never said the epsom water “stung.” He finally came back with, “Well, I don’t mind if it gets infected. The other foot wasn’t that bad!” Urg.

And that’s when he was thrashing and being melodramatic and spilled the 2 gallons of epsom water on the carpet. So after mopping up and soaking up the mess with the appropriate amount of grumbling under my breath, I headed upstairs to grab the bottle of peroxide.

I poured the first few drops on his toe and he screamed bloody murder. “IT STINGS!” he sobbed. Now this is the same peroxide that we all had poured over our battle-wounds and would bubble-up where there were germs. NOT rubbing alcohol. NOT Tincture of Merthiolate –that pink-staining stuff that our grandparents used and had a wicked sting to it. I have to say that peroxide has never ONCE “stung”…not even as a kid with sensitive skin. But there was no point in arguing subjective sensations with a 5 year old.

So I wrestled his foot and leg in to a position where I could do one last pour of the stuff–the first dose had bubbled up like crazy, and the second would help wipe out any straggler-germs. I finally put one of my flour-sack dishcloths that had just come from the dryer over his toe and poured peroxide on that, which only got a few mild howls. Then some Neosporin and a band-aid. I also managed to extract a promise that he would wear his shoes all day today and keep the band-aid on his toe.

:::phew::: I’m wiped out already!.

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