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I am just amazed at how big these guys are getting and how voracious their appetites are! We swapped out leaves yesterday and I think we need to put new ones in today (already!). They are stripping the leaves down to the stem, and even though I put in one extra leaf (vs. the number of ‘pillars) , they’re almost out.

In comparison to the dime, they aren’t gargantuan, but in comparison to what they were, they are just ginormous. And in case you missed the news, that word was added to Webster’s Dictionary this year, so it’s legit. 😉

The guy to the right was investigating the dime on the leaf; my thinking is he was trying to figure out if it was worth eating. 😉

I can’t wait to report that these little guys are in chrysalis–I think it will be incredibly cool to watch and wait expectantly. :).

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  • Karen(Chevy)

    Aren’t they just so cool! I have two in chrysalis’ already and the third is at the top thinking about it LOL.