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…visited our home this morning. :(

It actually started last night when I realized Brendan’s rough afternoon of consistently making poor choices was due in part to a fever. He was well over 101F and feeling quite puny. So he didn’t make it to t-ball, but I went to take photos for a project I’m working on.

Mark fed him dinner (chicken & fresh tomato), and all the poor little guy ate was the tomato. We put him to bed with a new fan in his window, drawing in outside air and cooling the room significantly.

Fast forward to about 11pm or so, and I stumble up to bed. Trouble is, it’s sticky and quite hot for that time of night, and the oscillating fan in our room inexplicably quit that evening. So no air-movement, sticky, hot, and Mark is already asleep (and snoring).


Oh, did I mention? Brendan’s room had the working fan and it was pulling quite a bit of air in to the room.

Hmmm… what to do?

I gave it about 20 minutes, grabbed my pillow and the comforter from the foot of the bed and headed to the floor of Brendan’s room. I was asleep rather quickly with the drone of the fan and the breeze on my legs.

I woke up a few times with my knees and/or hips aching from sleeping on the floor, but went back to sleep quickly. I got up this morning and stumbled downstairs, only to be greeted by Brendan saying, “Did I let you sleep okay, Mama?” I asked him what he meant and Mark asked if I heard anything during the night.

Nope. I was blissfully unconscious. Happily unconscious, based on the knowledge of what Brendan did.

My sweet boy stepped *over* me and went to wake up his daddy. He then said his tummy wasn’t feeling well and Mark got him to the bathroom in time to barf. 😛

Wait a minute. My kid stepped over me, didn’t want to wake me, and proceeded to wake up Daddy in order to puke? Glory be! I didn’t have to be awakened to or by the sound of barfing and then join the initial barf-er with sympathy barf?

I must be doin’ something right! 😉.

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  • http://SupermomsHealthAndWellness.com/blog Erica

    Now *that’s* a well-trained kid! Tell us how you got him to do that…..