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This is the phrase that most often proceeds from Brendan’s mouth. As if I play with his … tractor, cars, little people, etc. Or wear his … shoes, coat, shirt, undies, etc. But apparently, to his mind, moms know everything (well, almost)–or at least, where everything IS in the house.

I don’t. But I do know my kid and his propensity to drop things and not pick them up, despite my requests for him to do so. I also firmly believe that letting him suffer the consequences is a great way to teach him what he needs to know. Maybe if he hunts for his shoes and gets frustrated, he’ll remember that it’s much more convenient to drop them in the shoe bins I installed on the wall right next to the door.

But I’m not holding my breath.

And today’s query was much the same as other day’s: “Mom, where are my sandals?” I suppressed the desire to say, “Ya know, the last time *I* wore your sandals, I put them in the shoe bin…” and asked him where he took them off. “I don’t know” was the expected response, and I received it. I suggested that he check the basement, since he plopped himself down there last night after playing outside in the afternoon.

“UGH! You’re absolutely right, Mom! They’re down here!” was the shouted response.

“Well, good! Don’t ya hate it when Mom is right?!”

“I sure do!”

:::chortle::: 😀

“You’re *always* right, Mama!” [note to self: treasure this comment; its frequency will be inversely related to the age of your child].

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