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So this post is delayed by a full day, because Charter had an outage yesterday that left us without internet capabilities for the entire afternoon and evening. Which is a whole ‘nother post unto itself, because it actually reduced me to using the phone book, and I found a store that I wouldn’t otherwise have known existed. But like I said, that’s a whole different post. 😉


Last night, I was finalizing details in the basement before heading up to bed. Mark beat me to the kitchen and called down, “There are frogs on the floor!” 😮 I thought he was kidding or that one of the cats had knocked over the jar with the tadpoles in it.

Nope. Neither.

Two of our tadpoles had grown front legs in what seemed like 2 hours. Actually, I’m pretty sure it was inside of 2 hours. But they still had tails, so I figured they were fine.  I was unprepared for how quickly their front legs showed up. 6 hours after the front legs showed up, they were out of the water entirely and on the floor. !!! I had no clue they would go from tadpole to froglet to frog so darned quickly–I thought it would be a matter of days for those progressions to be complete.

So being the thoughtful woman I am, I refilled the jar with fresh water and put the escapees back in. They responded with a shocking lack of gratitude and climbed right back out.

Hmm. I just couldn’t go to bed with the cats roaming free and froglets jumping around the kitchen–I knew it would be the end of the frogs and inevitably, whichever cat tried (or succeeded) to eat a frog would also be barfing it back up in a few hours. And there are few things worse in life than waking up to hear that “cat chunder” noise and then wondering where the pile of barf is and whether or not you’ll step on it in bare feet when you get up in the morning. :::bleah:::

So Mark did the dutiful-husband thing and grabbed the (empty) fish tank from Brendan’s room. We put a small amount of water over the gravel and put them in there, along with the jar and the last tadpole (sans front legs) in the tank and put the lid on. That way if the cats were curious, they couldn’t snack on anything during the night.

So to the right, you’ll see froglet with a minute tail remaining on blue-ish green gravel. They are amazingly *sticky* little guys–when I got one to put in the tank, it was like he had glue on his pads and belly! Of course, my stomach did the obligatory flip-flop at the realization that I was holding a frog and there was no young boy there to impress…Mark is long past being impressed by such feats of bravery. Dang.

They seem to enjoy climbing, and proceeded to quickly scale the walls of the tank and sit atop the lip where the lid and light rest. I didn’t turn the light in the tank on because I didn’t want to serve frog legs for breakfast or deal with any carcasses (carci?) in the morning.

You’ll also notice the vibrant green colour they turned; it seems as though the disappearance of the tadpole tails corresponds with the changing of colour; they went from a muddy brown shade to this green shade seemingly overnight. And it serves them well; even on the blue-green gravel they were hard to find.


So tonight after Mark gets home, we’re going to go over to Hudson Mills and release them. We are out of things to feed the little guys–they won’t eat fish food anymore. And right now there’s a melted package of Pop Rocks on the driveway in an attempt to draw ants to it and feed the ants to the frogs. But ultimately, they are now at a stage where they can care for themselves well and forage for their own food source(s).

Plus, I don’t exactly want them to start chirping at nightfall…that’s been one of the best parts of not having the pool in the backyard! 😉.

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  • Danielle

    Your house is WAY more exciting than mine!!! :-)