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Seriously, isn’t this what we teach our kids?

“Chew quietly, please!”

“No one wants to hear you chew your food!”

And yet we can *hear* these caterpillars *munching* away! It is amazing. They have grown so much since the last set of pictures 2 days ago that it amazes me. And they are stripping milkweed leaves down to the stems. Check out two that I pulled from the jar today! These little guys are eating nonstop right now.

Although the photo to the left is small (resolution-wise), you can see how large these caterpillars have grown since the last photos. A few days ago, it was easy to see that they were on their way to being equivalent to the token-dime, but now they are clearly larger than the dime.

And, as evidenced by the little blob on the leaf to the left, they are pooing like crazy. It seems that they no sooner chew as they are leaving little pellets of digested leaves behind (pun intended). The quantity and size are starting to make me think of rabbits and the “jellybeans” they deposit, except that it’s green. And of course, Brendan does make me wonder if he really *will* drive a septic-truck when he’s older, because he’s appropriately grossed out by all the poop, but he also can’t stop looking. 😛

Every morning I wake up and expect a chrysalis in the jar, but not so far. They are probably close, but nothing yet.

I can’t believe how much *I’m* enjoying this process! Brendan thinks it’s cool, but I must be much more of an über-geek than he is. Because I just can’t get over the transformation from egg to super-tiny caterpillar to these monsters we now have. And although I’ll be sad to see them go, I’m already looking forward to finding our next crop of eggs and raising a new set. Like I need another hobby! 😉.

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  • http://www.g2c.net Pa Zaah, Brother I never asked for, that guy, hey you,or Isaiah

    “but I must be much more of an ber-geek than he is”

    hmmmm…I sense a understatement being typed in the cyber-force!