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This morning found us all trouping Mark to work so Brendan & I could run errands later in the day. Not anything terribly out of the ordinary, especially considering we had the radio on while we were driving. The news-reader was relating the tail end of a story regarding a guy who stole $2M worth of cocaine from police custody (he was caught, by the way).

So the rest of the story is best told in dialogue-format.

Mark: Jeez! What would you do with all of that?

Me: Yep. Your nose would fall off!

Mark: (looking at me sideways) I think you’d blow your head off!

Me: ??? (looking at him sideways)

Mark: What would anyone do with that much propane?

Me: Um….*cocaine*, honey. Not *propane*!

Mark: *Cocaine*? Well now THAT makes more sense. What would the police be doing with $2M worth of propane, anyhow? And what *would* you do with that much propane?

Me: Are your ears stuffed up, sweetie? 😆

So we laughed over the apparent misunderstanding–Mark thought I was loopy for saying that your nose would fall off from using that much *propane*, and I couldn’t figure out why anyone would blow his or her head off with *cocaine*.

Seems like we both ought to be headed in for hearing tests pretty soon, eh? 😉.

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