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Yesterday we had a “farm day” as I’ve come to call them. We started out by heading to a friend’s blueberry farm to pick berries. I’ve never done that before, but we found it to be great fun. Their “season” opens to the public today, so the pre-“season” berries were all over the bushes. These berries are GIGANTIC! And SWEET. Mmmmmmm… Supposedly, early berries tend toward the tart side, but these guys are amazingly sweet.

My friend and her two kids helped us pick berries and told us about the history of the farm and growing blueberries. And one of her kids was very helpful in the realm of finding the biggest, best berries and pointing them out to me. :) It was great having a “berry sherpa” among the bushes, and there is something about picking your own blueberries that makes them taste better.

The funny thing is that on the way to the blueberry farm, Brendan announced that he “really didn’t like blueberries” and that he’d pick them “for you and Daddy. But not for me, thanks.” All it took was my friend’s kids popping fresh berries off the bushes in to their mouths before he tried one and fell in love. So last night for dinner, I made blueberry waffles, which got rave reviews–to the tune of “Oh, we HAVE to have these again!” 😆 I’ll post the recipe at the end of this post.

We ended up picking 4 pounds of berries in just about 40 minutes, and much of that was chatting and walking. I think we ate about a pound of them yesterday alone–today’s menu calls for blueberry muffins and fresh berries with lunch. 😉

So after the blueberry farm, we popped off at Jenny’s Farm Market to check out their chickens and buy some fresh eggs. Since we’ll be chicken-farmers ourselves next spring, I thought I’d observe their hens and henhouse and try their eggs. There are 200 laying hens and no roos in the coop, and I saw one Barred Rock and the rest were Rhode Island Reds. Very gentle and inquisitive, as most hens are. We clucked back at them for a while and watched one lay an egg right outside of the henhouse next to the ramp, which amused Brendan to no end. 😉

It was fun to talk about and plan our henhouse area for next spring; Brendan wanted to know if the chickens liked being petted, and although these hens were gentle, I told him it wouldn’t be very wise. But *our* hens would probably like being petted and stroked, since we’ll keep them as pets and they’ll be used to us. And of course, we turned it in to a mini-science course when the conversation turned to “eggs hatching.”

I didn’t go in to the mechanics of it, but our blooming scientist wanted to know if the egg the hen laid would hatch. I told him that it wouldn’t, because I couldn’t see any rooster, and a rooster made the egg “fertile” so it *could* hatch. And that satisfied him. :)

There were new calves out in a pen together and although they were not so interested in us, we watched (and Brendan touched) them for quite a while.

I haven’t had any of the fresh eggs yet, but I will be cracking them for a “breakfast dinner” over the weekend. I’ll report back on how they taste, but I honestly can’t see buying grocery-store eggs when there are chicken-farmers all around us and the price is only the smallest-amount higher than their price at the grocery store.

The recipe for the blueberry waffles is linked at the right; on the page titled “Recipes Worth Sharing.” It’s Alton Brown’s basic waffle recipe and is out of this world! :).

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