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I heard a story on the radio this morning about a woman who is on the city council in Warren. The council passed an ordinance that said skateboarding on sidewalks was not permitted. I’m guessing that some of the ‘boarders were a hazard on the sidewalks to the pedestrians or vice-versa. Whatever.

Anyhow, this woman’s son was cited by the Warren police for…you guessed it. Skateboarding in front of city hall. One would think that a council person’s kid would know the rules and obey them, but then one would guess wrong. This woman was (apparently) so irate at the police for enforcing the statute and citing her kid that she cursed at them. Big curse. :(

She (reportedly) said, “You &*($!-ing pig!” 😮

Bad form! Bad form!

But then this morning when the story hits the news, she claims that her comment was “taken out of context.” Exactly WHAT OTHER context is there for something like that? There’s not a whole lot of room for interpretation on something like that.

What does this say to the kids in Warren? That the council person’s own kid is immune from following the laws? That their parents have elected a woman with a terrible potty-mouth who attacks the police in her city? Or that it’s okay to act as she did? What does it say to her own son?

Let’s face it, by the time we’re adults, we should have a pretty good control over our mouths–hitting one’s thumb with a hammer excepted. But to set this kind of example is simply abhorrent to me and to the majority of adults. It’s behaviour that we should have outgrown a while ago…like when we left high school.

Incidentally, the story is that this woman wants to run for City Treasurer in November. I sincerely hope she doesn’t get elected without first learning how to respect others, control her mouth, and take responsibility for her actions instead of claiming that her words were “taken out of context.”.

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