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I’m not calling Brendan a genius, but if you’ve got a preschooler or kindergarten-aged kid in your life, you probably recognize “little einstein” as a play on the Disney TV show “Little Einsteins.” Or, as it’s referred to in our home, “Einsteins!”

I’m generally not a fan of TV–we don’t watch a lot of it (at all), and if we do have it on, it tends to be on Discovery Channel more than anything. “Mythbusters” and “Dirty Jobs” are our two favourites. But Brendan is on a “token system” where he gets 3-30 minute tokens per day that correspond to 3 shows (that pass our approval) he may choose to watch. One of the tokens is always “Little Einsteins.”

The show is animated and combines classical music, art, and “missions” in every episode. There are 4 kids and each is gifted in a different way (a message I really like) to accomplish the goal or “mission.” I think the best part, though, is the intertwining of classical music in the show. I’m musically-wired, and it appears that Brendan is, too.

So he’s seen a few of the episodes several times and has become familiar with the different highlighted pieces of music. Last weekend we were watching an episode of “Dirty Jobs” on Discovery and there was some classical music playing in the background of the montage. I vaguely recognized it, but Brendan shouted, “MAMA! Little Einsteins’ music!” And sure enough, he was able to name the episode the music was in. It was a piece by Jean Joseph Mouret (“Rondau”), and was used in the episode “Carmine’s Big Race.”

Now would I rather have my kid know that the piece is named “Rondau” or that Mouret wrote it? Sure. But he’s 5 and he’s musically-wired, not a savant. There’s time for all of that…right now, I’m just tickled that he recognizes the music and is learning. If he has to watch TV at all, it is a great thing that it’s educational and he’s actually picking up stuff from it. :)

Okay, back to my little einstein…he’s ready to turn off the TV and get moving for the day. 😉.

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  • kim freeman

    Sue – I’m out blog tipping tonight and wanted to say how much I’ve been enjoying your blog. I have an 2 1/2 old Einstein myself!

    All the best,

    You’ve been blogtipped! http://4fabmoms.blogspot.com/2007/07/blogtipping.html

  • http://the-day-of-a-mom.blogspot.com Rebekah

    My kids love Little Einstein’s too and they also recognize music on other shows and in the stores. It is so neat that they are learning to appreciate classical music!