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Okay, I have no clue how to type Tim Allen’s signature :::grunt:::, but I’m pretty darned proud of myself for my recent repair-tasks. :)

First, I fixed our 4G (20 gig) iPod. About 2 weeks ago, a series of problems culminated with the “Frowny Face of Death” that Apple so sweetly puts in their programming. Windows gives you the “Blue Screen of Death,” Apple gives you a The Frowny Face. I’m not sure it’s *that* much different, as it still indicates that your iPod is toasted, but it’s somewhat cuter than The Blue Screen. Anyhow, due to about a week’s worth of research, I knew that my device was dusted. As an aside: Isaiah, I know you’re shuddering right now… It’s okay, friend!

So I researched who had replaced iPod (4G) hard drives, who was selling replacement drives, and all of the pertinent details. I found a great deal of pricing-variations for the drive I needed, and I ended up buying a NIP (new in package) one off of eBay for about 60% of what online resellers were asking. Of course, whatever I did was cheaper than buying a new iPod altogether, but I still wanted to keep it under the $100 mark. And since I figured I wasn’t going to make a habit of cracking the ‘Pod, I’d replace the battery at the same time. I found excellent service and quality at iPodJuice.com. Everything showed up in short order, and I waited until the weekend when I had uninterrupted time to focus on the task at hand.

I found a site where a guy detailed his ‘Pod-cracking adventures and kept it up for reference-purposes. Then I grabbed the magnifying glasses I use for the detailed-tiny-work that electronics need, and I went to work. The short of it is that I successfully replaced the hard drive and battery and restored the firmware to the iPod, and now it works like new. Seriously–if there weren’t scratches on the device’s LCD, I’d never know that it wasn’t brand new. :) :::phew!:::

And of course, when it rains, it pours. Last week, I had to install a 2.0 USB card in the desktop computer and in so doing, decided that I would vacuum the dust out of the case. And since I was at it, I vacuumed the keyboard to the laptop. *That* was my error; I didn’t realize that the “d” key on my keyboard was loose. :( It came flying off and went straight in to the Kirby’s bag.

So I disassembled where I thought it might have gotten lodged (the “mini-emptor”…don’t know why Kirby calls it that), but no…it was in the bag. Happily, it was a relatively new bag, and I could palpate and feel it in there. So, donning some latex gloves, I dove in and rescued my kidnapped key.

Unfortunately, the key’s Journey to the Bottom of the Bag chipped its backside and it wouldn’t reattach to the keyboard at all. Super-glue was of no assistance–when it dried, the key wobbled so much it wasn’t any easier than having no key there. So more research, and I find that I could buy a single key for about $9 on ebay or I could buy a whole new keyboard (well, refurbished) from Dell for $12. The choice wasn’t hard. DHL delivered my new keyboard a day or so ago, and I tackled it last night.

The downside to the new keyboard is that it’s in French. πŸ˜• Okay, not a problem…French is my second language. :) Plus, there are some really cool keys on the board that I didn’t have on the old one. Score! I install the keyboard, only to find that the cool keys that I wanted (like the accent keys, etc.) didn’t work on my computer. Rats. Not even when I changed the language to French on the OS. πŸ˜›

So I decided to see if Dell would let me return/exchange it for a keyboard with English (US) keys. Happily, I lucked out and got a *great* sales-service representative in a chat. The short of this story is that they refunded my original purchase price (including shipping) and I only had to re-purchase the English keyboard and have it shipped. Which is on sale this week. πŸ˜€ So *double score!* for me. πŸ˜‰

So those are my repair-tales for this week…next week, I’ll be installing the English keyboard and won’t have to try to remember which keys do what when I’m working in HTML. πŸ˜‰.

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  • http://www.sarasworldofwonderment.blogspot.com Sara Hammig

    My 18 month old loves nothing better than getting his hand on my laptop and trying to pop the keys off. He is really good at it too. Each key takes me about twenty minutes to replace. One day he yanked off the space bar which was a complete pain since it has two “key stands”. And don’t get me started about how long it takes when the key stands come apart in the process. My daughter never did this, so I figure it must be a boy thing.