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I’ve had pretty bad luck with crockpots. Seriously. I’ve burned through several, mostly because the crock breaks or something else happens which renders my appliance useless.

Last year, I shucked out money for a crockpot from Rival that could be used on the stove (to brown meat), in the heating unit, in the fridge, and in the microwave. Great, until the crock cracked while it was in the heating element (i.e., I didn’t drop it). After weeks and ultimately months of waiting and contacting Rival (who, I must say, has about one of the worst customer service departments I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing), I received a replacement crock liner. Actually, I received two of them…but the first one was literally in pieces when UPS delivered it. “Pieces” as in, ‘The UPS delivery guy set it down and it rattled.’ 😕 Not good. So several calls later, I ended up with a second crockpot and a back-ordered liner for the original (which was still under warranty).

Fast forward to today; I’m cleaning the kitchen and notice an amount of burnt “goo” in the heating element of my crockpot. So I grab a sponge and wipe it out, only to realize that it’s relatively fresh. Hmmm… And an investigation ensues.

I made spaghetti sauce in the crockpot yesterday afternoon, and pulled the leftovers and crock out of the fridge where they were both stored. Sure enough, there’s a crack in the crock liner that is discernable with both the naked eye and my fingertip. :(

Nuts. I never dropped it or did anything violent or destructive to it; I just have to assume that it cracked (again) while it was in use. Double nuts. :(

So I washed the thing out and put it in the trashcan in the garage. I know from experience that getting a replacement liner isn’t worth the hassle or money. Fortunately, I have a secondary (now primary!) crockpot in the pantry which will be commissioned in to full-time service today. But when I have to replace this one (eventually), I’m virtually certain that I won’t buy another Rival machine. Hamilton Beach makes crockpots, but Rival owns the copyright on the word “crockpot,” so H-B calls them “slow cookers.” And if they are even a smidge more durable and/or reliable than Rival’s models, then I’ll be happy..

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  • http://icantbelievemylife.blogspot.com/ Shelly

    I bought a Rival too, from Costco. I broke the lid of all things. Well not even the lid, the handle for the lid. We FINALLY got another one but I don’t dare put the thing in the fridge. I worry that it will break again. That’s all I can think of that would have caused the plastic to damage and crack.


    By the way, we’re adoptive, birth and homeschooling parents too. Good to see another blogger with some likenesses. :-)