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I taught Brendan how to “finger crochet” this morning, which largely involves looping yarn over your finger and creating a chain. For crochet-mavens, it’s basically single crocheting a chain without a hook. Which is good, because Brendan doesn’t really have the dexterity to manage a hook at this point, which has frustrated him greatly. He just wants to be like Mama and Daddy with their yarn-crafts. :)

So he’s working on it as I write and said, “Look Mama! I’m crocheting a baby blanket! I wish I had another skein [of yarn] so I could make it colourful…” :) :) :)

Too sweet–and those of you who are familiar with chaining yarn know that you only come out with a “rope” of yarn of sorts–that there is no way to create a blanket from it, short of sewing the chain in loops on itself. Just too sweet!.

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