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So I have this friend, Randy. He’s one of the leadership team at Westwinds, and is a pretty cool guy. But Randy is really sick right now–he has melanoma. And it’s spread to his lymphatic system, so I know that it’s staged pretty high; he was initially a stage 3, but the disease is spreading in spite of treatment, so I think his staging has been upped to 4. :(

At the risk of being maudlin, I ache for my friend and his family. His wife Beth is a sweetheart among sweethearts, and although I’ve not met his kids, I know they hurt with their dad. They went through melanoma before–with one of their daughters who was diagnosed at age 8. Age 8? I’ve never heard of it being in a child like that! But it was. She’s fine now and 13, but I think Randy & Beth would rather have left those memories and experiences behind them rather than face them head-on again.

I know *I* would.

But Randy is this amazing guy who is at peace with all of this. I don’t think that means that he doesn’t want to get better or be healed, but that no matter what happens, he’s good with it. He knows God on a personal level and trusts Him, and is one of those guys that makes you wish you were a better person. You know the old joke/prayer, “God, help me to be the person my dog thinks I am”? I think Randy IS the person his dog thinks he is. :) Which is cool. You don’t meet many people like that…at least, not typically.

So I’m praying like crazy for Randy. I want him to get better and have his kids joke about him as a crotchety old man years from now. If you’re the praying-type, would you please pray for my friend? Not some “if it’s Your will” kind of prayer, but just ask God for health and healing for Randy. Because if we don’t ask, we don’t receive. It’s true when we order ice cream at the DQ and when we pray. See, the doctors don’t know what to do with Randy’s treatment right now, and for a huge hospital like U of M to be fermished, they need some guidance and help, too.

I appreciate your prayers–I know Randy would probably be mortified if he read my blog. But I care for his family and for him so much that I’ll be unabashed about asking people to lift him up. Call it ‘redhead boldness’ or whatever, but I’ve got a bee in my bonnet, and I’ll ask until I’m blue in the face for the sake of a friend. 😉.

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  • http://thebabyboutiqueatwombswindow.com/blog Erica

    This hits home. My sister was recently diagnosed with melanoma as well. So far hers is non-invasive. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

    I’ll add your friend to my prayers! Melanoma is on my mind a lot these days.